Laura Ingraham: ‘What Happens When You Defund the Police? Stuff Like This’ [VIDEO]

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“When the city treats its own police department like this, it’s no wonder why the reaction from these thugs is this,” Fox News Host Laura Ingraham said Monday, commenting on the violence and destructive chaos that ravaged the streets of Austin, Texas over the weekend.

“All right, what happens when you defund the police? Stuff like this,” Ingraham said, introducing video of the scene in Austin on Saturday night:

“Incredibly dangerous street racers massive crowds took over multiple intersections in Austin, Texas over the weekend. Obviously, you see they’re shooting off fireworks damaging cars. There’s even video of someone being set on fire.

“Now, Austin police, who currently have a deficit of 278 officers, they were clearly outnumbered.

“One officer was hurt.”

Ingraham noted that one city councilwoman, who voted to defund Austin’s police, had to wait on hold for nearly a half-hour when she called 911 to request help:

“City council member Alison Alter witnessed the chaos and she called 911. She reports that she was left on hold for 28 minutes. She served on the city council, by the way, when it voted unanimously in 2020 to cut the police budget by 30%.

“But, when the city treats its own police department like this, it’s no wonder why the reaction from these thugs is this.”

“Unfortunately, it seems like I’m on an island of my own here,” pro-law enforcement Austin City Councilwoman Mackenzie Kelly told Ingraham:

“You know, Laura, I really wish I could come to you tonight with better news but, unfortunately, it seems like I’m on an island of my own here – other than council member Alter who didn’t need the police until she needed them.”

“It really seems like those actions in 2020 from the police abolitionists to defund the police are coming home to roost today,” Kelly said.

Abolishing the police, rather than supporting them, puts everyone at risk, Kelly said, warning that Austin is on the verge of catastrophe:

“We are one catastrophic failure away from cascading into a difficult situation that our police department does not have the staffing to get attention for.”

If the Democrat majority in Austin doesn’t wake up and begin supporting the police, “It’s going to become, you know, Baltimore or Chicago, which is not good,” Ingraham added.

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1 year ago

Get rid of the cops.
Ok Biden and every politician, judge, governor, mayor etc who has tax payer paid security, law enforcement, secret service etc must also be defunded. Let these bastards walk with no guns and no one to protect their sorry asses.

1 year ago

You are All ignorant Idiots!

Police are thugs working for an illegal corporation!
Sheriffs are the ONLY CONSTITUTIONAL law enforcment!

Stick with the police & the deepstate remains in power!!!
Wake up MORONS, look it up!

Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
1 year ago

Sad part is the Left sees the damage that is happening but just plain does not give a shit.