Strong Evidence Points To Biden Admin Taking Out The Nord Stream Pipeline After Underwater Explosion

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In case you haven’t heard already two blasts have occurred underwater near the Danish island of Bornholm and as result, a major leak has occurred on the Nord Stream pipeline that connects Russian gas to Germany.

Many people are wondering who was behind the blasts and some have even speculated that the United States was behind it and for good reason too.

Previously, ambassador, Victoria Nuland stated that if Russia invades Ukraine then Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.

But that’s not all…

Biden himself was even quoted saying that if Russia invades Ukraine then the US will put an end to the Nord Stream pipeline.

Here’s all the evidence

you need to see.

Example A:

Example B:

The CIA even warned days before the leaks even occured.

NPR had these details to add:

Two undersea leaks that began in the Russian-owned Nord Stream gas pipelines on Monday were likely caused by powerful underwater explosions, according to Swedish and Danish seismographic data.

It is “very clear from the seismic record that these are blasts,” Björn Lund‬, director of the Swedish National Seismic Network at Uppsala University told NPR in a phone interview. “These are not earthquakes; they are not landslides underwater.”

German and Danish officials said both the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines showed sudden losses of pressure late Monday, which they said could only be caused by a leak from large holes in the pipelines.

Neither of the pipelines are active, as Russia has cut gas deliveries in them, but both were filled with natural gas when the drop in pressure occurred. Russian energy giant Gazprom, a state entity, owns a controlling interest in both pipelines.

Denmark’s prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, said on Tuesday that her government suspected the leaks were deliberate actions.

MEP Radek Sikorski even took to Twitter to thank the US:

Just in case you want to know who MEP Radek Sikorski is, this tweet pretty much sums him up:

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1 year ago

As a proxy for the JEWS,
USING NATO as the bombers!!!

John A OwenD
John A Owen
1 year ago

MSN is running a story from the Daily Mail rag that Russia sabotaged their own pipeline. MSN is a left-wing misinformation bureau working for the Biden Crime Cabal! Now is the time for Putin to issue arrest warrants for the CEOs of both companies for producing fake news! That is how you reverse their attacks and give them some sleepless nights! They would not be safe anywhere in the world. Fairs fair.