WATCH: YouTube Just Shut Down Russell Brand For ‘Misinformation’

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The Fascist overlords at YouTube have censored Russell Brand.

“They took down one of our videos for misinformation,” claimed Brand. “But why are big media organizations not censored for misinformation in the same way?” he asked. “Is it because YouTube are part of the mainstream media now?”

The censorship happened one day before Brand planned to move his highly popular show to Rumble.


YouTube issued the strike against Russell Brand’s channel immediately before his exclusive live show starts on Rumble.

The Post Millennial reported:

On Tuesday, Russell Brand announced that YouTube had removed one of his videos for “misinformation,” coming just one day before Brand is set to air a new show exclusively on Rumble.

In Brand’s most recent YouTube video, he recounted how a video posted earlier in the month regarding changing narratives surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic and treatments.

“Earlier this month we did a video about the changing narratives around Covid, the pandemic, and Covid treatments in which we cited information on official government websites, which we misinterpreted,” said Brand, noting that “I’ll have to be careful talking about it now, I don’t want to make the same mistake that’s had one of your videos pulled down and an official warning issued.”

While discussing the strike from Youtube, Brand noted that his channel is moving over to Rumble, where videos stream days earlier than on YouTube, and where, starting on September 28, his new show “Stay Free with Russell Brand” will be airing exclusively.

“We have been persecuted for misinformation, and it’s right we have a responsibility to make sure that the information we convey is absolutely 100 percent as accurate as it possibly could be. We made a mistake in saying [censored] was now recommended by the NIH. What we should have said is their trialing [censored]. That’s what we should have said,” said Brand.

Watch this video for the full explanation:

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1 year ago

Why would any Truth Teller, still be using Jewtube???