Conservatives CHEER As MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance Leaves The US To Fight For Ukraine’s Foreign Legion — When Will The Other Lefty Journo’s Step Up?

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MSNBC regular Malcolm Nance revealed Monday that he has traveled to Ukraine to join their foreign legion and fight the Russkies.

This is further evidence the US is “in charge” of the war in Ukraine as Le Figaro senior international correspondent Georges Malbrunot reported last week.

Nance has over 36 years working for US intelligence, according to his own bio.

That said, every neocon and libtard journo should step up to the plate, follow through on their “principles” and join Nance on the front lines.

No doubt he’s in Chernobyl right now heroically helping secure their power plant that “powers central North Ukraine.”

Azov is in desperate need of human shields. They need your help fighting back against Putin for stealing the 2016 election for Dronald Drumpff!

There’s no excuse!

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2 years ago

The pedophiles and one world elite are lining up a lot of sheeple idiots to die for them. COOL

Rhonda Brooks
Rhonda Brooks
2 years ago
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