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LISTEN: Hardcore Gang Member Caught On Jail Audio GUSHING Over Soros-Funded DA Going Soft On Crime And Setting Criminals Free

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Soros-funded Los Angeles DA George Gascon is pro-criminal. Gang members love him. One was caught on audio bragging about Gascon dropping the gun and gang enhancements. It means he will likely go home. He told a fellow con that it’s “historic”.

The gang member featured in the clip below – Luis Angel Hernandez – is a murderer and promises to have Gascon’s name tattooed on his forehead.

“I’m going to get that n—–’s name on my face. That’s a champ right there. F—in’ Gascón,” says gang member Luis Angel Hernandez in a jailhouse phone call. The audio was first made public in an episode of “Tucker Carlson Originals” about Gascón called “Suicide of Los Angeles,” which is now streaming on Fox Nation.

One must wonder if he’s even here legally.

As soon as Gascon took office, he removed all enhancements.

This is a clip from Tucker Carlson’s documentary.  Listen:


Under George Gascon, approximately 61 of the 140 or so attorneys left the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, 24 in the last 8 months of 2019 alone. More than half of those leaving in those final four years were women, and more than a third were people of color. You can’t prosecute criminals under an inept manager.

San Francisco had the third-highest rate of violent crime in the state. Concerning property crime, San Francisco has the highest property crime rate. Despite this high level of crime, San Francisco ranks 46th in arrest rates.

Reputationally, San Francisco is now widely regarded as the place where you can commit a crime and get away with it.

Now Gascon gets to ruin LA. Another Soros success.

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