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WATCH: Kamala Harris Says They Are Focusing On Everybody Except Straight White Males

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Kamala gave a speech today about combating human trafficking and in that speech she defined the most vulnerable, based on her experience:

Kamala said:

“We are focused on the most vulnerable, and based on my experience, the most vulnerable are women and girls; racial and ethnic minorities; LGBTQI-plus people; indigenous people; people with disabilities, migrants, and children in the foster-care system.”

Charles Cooke boiled it down succinctly, asking “Isn’t this just another way of saying “everyone except straight white men”?”:

Exactly, white men excluded.

When I think of the most vulnerable in terms of human trafficking, certainly young girls and women come to mind. But I don’t quantify the most vulnerable in terms of race or sexual preference. I don’t know why “racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQI-plus people, indigenous people, people with disabilities” deserve to be in this list.

I mean yes, you could say “migrants” (aka illegals) are vulnerable to human trafficking, but that’s primarily because Joe and Kamala told them to come and then destroyed everything Trump had set up to stop them from coming. They are one of the biggest reasons why human trafficking of illegals along the southern border is so prevalent.

Look, I’m sure Kamala can come up with a billion reasons why this list is legit to her, but to me it demonstrates more than anything how leftists like her go overboard to slice everything up to exclude straight white men.



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