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WATCH: Biden Says Russian Invasion of Ukraine Would ‘Change The World’.. But He Won’t Do Anything About It

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Biden told reporters today that if Russia invades Ukraine, it would be the largest invasion since WWII:

Biden says “This would be the largest, if he were to move in with all those forces, it would be the largest invasion since World War II. It would change the world.”

But then, in response to a separate question, Biden says “There is not going to be any American forces moving in to Ukraine.”

So an invasion of Ukraine by Russia would have enormous consequences, be the largest invasion since World War II and would change the world. But hey, it’s totally not worth sending American troops to deter the Ruskies from invading.

Look, I’m not saying Biden should send American troops to defend Ukraine. But he continues to let Putin know, publicly, that the US isn’t going to do anything serious to stop him from invading, that he can have Ukraine if he wants it. Biden is practically inviting Putin to invade Ukraine when he makes these declarations and it’s music to Putin’s ears.

That being said, I am glad that we are sending arms to Ukraine…



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