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Grandparents Who Reported Lesbian Couple For Abusing Toddler Were Dismissed As ‘Racist Homophobes’ Before Kid Ended Up Dead

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Social workers investigating the couple who killed innocent Star Hobson cleared them five times – even declaring a referral to them was ‘malicious’ the week before she was murdered.

The authorities fell for mother Frankie Smith, 20, and her 28-year-old girlfriend Savannah Brockhill’s lies, despite a series of concerns raised by relatives.

During an unannounced social worker visit to their Keighley home on September 15 last year Star was so dazed by the abuse she had suffered she walked into a sofa.

She had bruises on her face and shins but the Bradford City Council worker believed Brockhill’s explanation she’d fallen down the stairs.

In fact she was being ‘choke slammed’, swung by her leg and hit in the face by the twisted couple.

They referred to her as a ‘brat’ and forced her to stand facing the wall for long periods of time during their reign of cruelty.

In total two friends and three relatives – including Star’s own father – had reported them to social services but they were still allowed to keep her.

Star’s great grandfather David Fawcett, 61, said: ‘The lack of response from social services was unbelievable, they did nothing and we dismissed as troublemakers who made the complaint because we didn’t like gypsies or same sex relationships.

‘What an insult to hear that our claim had been called malicious when it was the opposite.

‘They did visit the flat but Savannah Brockhill took over and dismissed us as ‘weirdos’ and trouble makers who hated gypsies and lesbians – and they swallowed it.’

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