WATCH: CNN Gives Unbelievable Positive Spin To Soaring Gas Prices At The Request of the White House

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Another network is bowing to the pressure of the White House in order to give Biden good coverage and is now spinning the smallest fall in gas prices as some great victory at the pump:

CNN hosts are now celebrating a nickel drop in gas prices and are even calling it a “seven week low” in order to give Biden better economic coverage.

Jake Tapper was the only one I noticed in the montage who seemed reluctant, calling the economic relief ‘minor’.

The worst of the bunch was Don Lemon, who seemed so over the top about it that it seemed fake and scripted.

It just shows again, for the billionth time, how the media willingly allows themselves to become propaganda outlets for the Democrat party. There’s no way in heck they’d have ever done this for Trump. In fact it was the exact opposite, with every days round of news about destroying Trump.



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