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  • WATCH: Brave Black Sports Anchor RIPS The Black Lives Matter Movement And The NBA For Promoting It


    A brave black sports anchor, Marcellus Wiley, gave one of the most articulate arguments against the Black Lives Matter movement and rips the NBA for supporting them during a segment on the FS1 show Speak For Yourself. Wiley starts by saying he believes this will only divide people, as going down the road of identity […] More

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  • Another Popular Children’s Cartoon Will Be HEAVILY Pushing Gay Characters, LGBT Agenda


    My Little Pony is appeasing the LGBT agenda by having a gay couple of ponies as characters. It’s not enough that they’ve basically won the culture war on this issue, they have to propagandize children into it too. More from Christian Broadcasting News: The ninth and final season of the animated series “My Little Pony” on […] More

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