Judge Orders Jan 6th Detainee To Be RELEASED After Surprise Inspection Found ‘Severe Mistreatment’ And ‘Deplorable Conditions’

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A federal judge has just ordered the release of Christopher Worrell, who was being held in the DC jail after being arrested earlier this year, after a surprise inspection of the facility found what the judge described as deplorable conditions and severe mistreatment of detainees.

The DailyWire reported that following an impromptu inspection of the D.C. jail, a federal court has ordered the release of January 6th detainee Christopher Worrell due to mistreatment and ‘deplorable’ conditions

The U.S. Marshals conducted a surprise inspection of the jail last month, but the report was not made public until Wednesday.

According to CNN, U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth has “‘zero confidence that the D.C. jail’ will provide the treatment correctly and not retaliate against Worrell” because of the findings.

Lamberth described the circumstances in the jail as “deplorable” and “beyond belief,” ordering Worrell to be transported to another facility and then allowed home to begin cancer treatment, according to the article.

Following the discovery of the “deplorable” circumstances, 400 inmates are being taken out of the jail. The Marshals’ study revealed that water was turned off in several cells “for punitive reasons” for days at a time, toilets were clogged, and an inmate who had been pepper-sprayed was “unable to wash the spray off for days, leading to an infection,” according to CNN.

During the inspection, the D.C. Department of Corrections was “antagonizing detainees” and “directing detainees not to cooperate with” US Marshals, according to the agency, and “one DOC staffer was observed telling a detainee to ‘stop snitching.”

It’s unbelievable that something like this would happen in this day and age. Unaccountable, abusive control over detainees in the nation’s capital could only happen at a jail holding those arrested in the January 6th riot.

That’s right, I said riot. Not an insurrection.

I could be wrong, but I suspect even child molesters are treated better than this by prison facilities around the country.

I’m glad Lamberth intervened here and hopefully heads will roll over this.

Here’s the full statement from the US Marshals on the DC Jail:



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