WATCH: Biden’s Energy Secretary Literally BURSTS Out LAUGHING When Asked How Biden Admin Plans To Address Surging Gas Prices

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This morning Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, was asked what her plan was for increasing oil production here in America in order to get gas prices back down.

As America Rising notes, she pulled a Kamala and burst out laughing. Seriously.

I didn’t know surging gas prices was that hilarious. In fact, I thought it was a pretty damn serious issue because it hits most people right in the middle of their wallet.

But she cackles worse than Kamala when asked about increasing oil production and then says “that is hilarious! Would that I had the magic wand on this.”

Notice the Bloomberg host isn’t laughing.

Granholm continues by pretending to be powerless to do anything about these surging gas prices, claiming that oil is a global market or something.

But we know that before Biden stepped into the White House, America had become more energy independent than ever under Trump. Gas prices had gotten to less than a dollar and a half in my neck of the woods in March of 2020, and now it’s more than double that.

Here’s what the WSJ wrote last month about Biden’s anti-oil policies this year:

At a presidential debate last year, Mr. Biden said he would “transition away from the oil industry.” His first day in office, Mr. Biden revoked the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, which was supposed to carry oil from Canada and the Bakken Shale to refineries on the Gulf Coast. A week later he issued an order placing a moratorium on new oil-and-gas leases on federal lands and waters.

A court blocked that moratorium, but the Interior Department got the presidential message. It approved a mere 171 drilling permits on federal lands in August, down 75% from April. The Biden Administration also moved to suspend existing leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and it initiated a fresh review of Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve that could put it off limits as well. Get it—a “petroleum reserve” will be off limits for petroleum.

Mr. Biden also signed a Congressional resolution that vitiated the Trump Administration’s regulation on methane leaks from fossil-fuel production. The White House probably will replace it with a stringent standard that will make fracking more expensive.

The Administration is also unleashing financial regulators against the industry. The Federal Reserve and other bureaucracies are looking to impose new rules on “climate-related financial risk,” as a May order from Mr. Biden put it. The purpose is to close off sources of funding and raise the cost of capital for the industry, and it’s succeeding.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which oversees natural-gas pipelines, has signaled it probably will start requiring a climate study before approving even the smallest infrastructure upgrades. That will raise the bar for worthy projects, while creating costs for climate mitigation. As one sign of the regulatory gantlet, two different proposed pipelines in the past two years have won a case at the Supreme Court and then been canceled anyway.

And in Congress…

Progressives in Congress, meantime, want to use the Democratic reconciliation bill to punish the industry by doing away with expensing for intangible drilling costs, the oil depletion allowance and more. The bill’s Clean Electricity Performance Program is expressly designed to punish fossil fuels, including natural gas. Mr. Biden and his party have sent signals that are loud and clear, in accord with the larger cultural message that fossil fuels are the new tobacco and the world doesn’t need them.

America is literally paying the price for Biden’s anti-oil policies, and all his energy secretary can do is laugh at the situation. I hope this clip of her makes it into ads all around the county in 2022.

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