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Retired Admiral And Former Obama Staffer: ‘Gen Milley Is A TRAITOR Who Must Be ARRESTED And Prosecuted For TREASON!’

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Ronny Jackson, a retired Rear Admiral and former Obama physician, has called for Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley to be arrested and prosecuted for “treason.”

Jackson wrote on Twitter Thursday that Milley was “willing to put the lives of America’s sons & daughters in EXTREME RISK all to undermine Trump.” Jackson ended the tweet by calling Milley a traitor and calling for him to be immediately fired and prosecuted for treason. reports: As Major General Paul E. Vallely, U.S. Army (Ret.) said on today’s MAGA Institute Podcast, treason isn’t applicable under the Constitution, as no state of war exists with China. However, General Vallely continued, there are several articles under the Uniform Code of Military Justice under which Milley (and possibly SECDEF Lloyd Austin and former SECDEF Mark Esper, by virtue of having themselves been officers) could be prosecuted.

Legalisms aside, it is highly encouraging that a sitting Member of Congress has publicly called for Milley’s dismissal and prosecution. According to MG Vallely, it falls to Congress to force the Pentagon to initiate an Article 15 investigation and to convene a court-martial for Milley.

Here is the entire interview with Gen. Vallely.

We need to let courageous Republican Representatives in the House know that we have their backs when they speak out and that we demand they hold Milley accountable for his despicable undermining of civilian control of the military. Contact your Representative and let him or her know where you stand. They DO record how many people are for and against any given action, so YOUR VOICE DOES MATTER!

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