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  • Retired Admiral And Former Obama Staffer: ‘Gen Milley Is A TRAITOR Who Must Be ARRESTED And Prosecuted For TREASON!’


    Ronny Jackson, a retired Rear Admiral and former Obama physician, has called for Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley to be arrested and prosecuted for “treason.” Jackson wrote on Twitter Thursday that Milley was “willing to put the lives of America’s sons & daughters in EXTREME RISK all to undermine Trump.” Jackson ended the tweet […] More

  • POLL: Did Trump’s Doctor Fake His Health Report?

    “The President’s overall health is excellent”. Dr. Ronny Jackson conducted a physical exam on the President and declared Trump to have excellent cognitive health and attributed it to incredible genes “it’s just the way God made him”. Liberals went ballistic! CNN’s Jim Acosta floated a conspiracy theory that Dr. Ronny Jackson was hiding negative information […] More