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BREAKING: Border Officials Say SCREW Biden’s No-Fly Zone — Take FOX On Private Flight To Show “Out of Control” Situation [VIDEO]

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Texas troopers in Del Rio, Texas, are so desperate for the American people to see how “out of control” the situation is beneath the so-called “migrant bridge” that they flew Fox News up in an official helicopter to observe it all because the FAA won’t let them fly a drone any longer.

Bill Melugin is reporting this afternoon that there are now over 11,000 illegals under the bridge, up from around 4,000 just a few days ago:

“It looks like a large refugee camp…”

“Hundreds of people streaming in…”

“The stream of people is not stopping…”

Here’s more footage and reporting directly from Melugin:

The media is reporting on the situation down there, to some degree, but they aren’t framing this as a Biden fiasco like they were doing two years ago when a different president was at the helm.



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