WATCH: Lincoln Project Idiot Says Capitol Riot Will Was ‘More Dangerous’ And ‘Will Get More People Killed’ Than 9/11

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Steve Schmidt, the Lincoln Project’s profoundly moronic co-founder, asserted today that the Capitol riot was not only far worse than the horrific terrorist assaults of 9/11, but that the riot would also result in more Americans being killed than on 9/11.


Here’s more from Fox News:

Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt agreed with fellow disgruntled ex-Republican Matthew Dowd Wednesday that the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was worse than the 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed thousands of Americans and launched multiple wars.

Schmidt, a Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat, echoed Dowd’s brazen remarks this week that the riot was worse because it “continued to rip our country apart.”

“He couldn’t be more right,” Schmidt said at a town hall for the Lincoln Project. “The 1/6 attack for the future of the country was a profoundly more dangerous event than the 9/11 attacks. And in the end, the 1/6 attacks are likely to kill a lot more Americans than were killed in the 9/11 attacks, which will include the casualties of the wars that lasted 20 years following.

“We have had … political violence in this country, and I believe we’re on the edge of another one, tragically. And we have to fight back against it at the ballot box.”

Dowd’s remarks drew derision this week for seemingly downplaying the horrific 9/11 attacks, where the loss of life marked the worst-ever foreign attack on U.S. soil. This week marked six months since the riot, when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building during certification proceedings for President Biden’s election victory.

Schmidt must suffer from a debilitating version of Trump Derangement Syndrome, because what he said in this video was patently absurd. Dude really needs to check himself into a mental ward because his cheese has clearly fallen off of his cracker.

I mean it’s sheer nonsense to even make the comparison of the two ‘events’, as Schmidt calls it. One was an unfortunate riot where only one person died as a result of the riot, and the other was a freaking foreign terrorist attack on our soil that left thousands dead and completely changed our nation as a result. In terms of government buildings, the terrorists flew a plane into our Pentagon killing 125 and were planning to send another one into the White House, which was fortunately stopped by the brave heroes aboard that fatal flight.

And yet these morons want to say 1/6 was “profoundly worse”???



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