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  • WATCH: Lincoln Project Idiot Says Capitol Riot Will Was ‘More Dangerous’ And ‘Will Get More People Killed’ Than 9/11


    Steve Schmidt, the Lincoln Project’s profoundly moronic co-founder, asserted today that the Capitol riot was not only far worse than the horrific terrorist assaults of 9/11, but that the riot would also result in more Americans being killed than on 9/11. Seriously. Here’s more from Fox News: Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt agreed with fellow […] More

  • Never-Trump RINOs Join Forces With Extreme Leftist AOC


    If you ever needed proof that Washington is a one-party town, here it is: The nation’s largest Never-Trump “Republican” organization has asked to join forces with ultra-liberal Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to combat Donald Trump and his supporters. Steve Schmidt, the co-founder of the Lincoln Project, launched a chain of tweets practically begging the former waitress […] More