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Middle School Teacher SUES Chicago District For Blatant Anti-White Racism In Classrooms

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A Chicago middle school teacher is suing the Evanston School District for anti-white discrimination and promoting obvious anti-white prejudice to students:

Here’s a couple of excerpts from the lawsuit which describes the anti-white racism being mandated on teachers and taught to students:

Chicago Tribune wrote an article about the lawsuit, and while the school district itself isn’t commenting, the head of the PTA council did and her reaction to the lawsuit is stunning:

Yoli Joseph, president of the Evanston/Skokie PTA Council, said the lawsuit’s claims sound like they stem from personal discomfort with the “unpacking work” needed to combat racism.

“Their fragility, their emotional response to being asked to look at something that historically has not been asked of them, has been an uncomfortable experience,” she said. “But I know so many people in the district who are so incredibly supportive of this work that it’s really unfair to center (a negative view).”

Wow. I mean seriously, wow. Joseph is basically saying that a white racist doesn’t like it when you expose their racism and that’s why she is suing. You can tell from Joseph’s response that the anti-white racism runs deep there, that they’ve been severely brainwashed by this nonsense. If this alone doesn’t prove the need for this lawsuit!

You can read the full lawsuit here.



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