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  • Parents Get MAJOR Victory Against Biden And His Plan To Indoctrinate School Children With Critical Race Theory


    Earlier this year Biden’s Education Secretary said he was creating education grants and tying them to the teaching of CRT and the 1619 Project. That would mean, effectively, that the Biden administration would be forcing schools to teach critical race theory by tying it to funding. Suffice to say, parents were pissed. They took a […] More

  • Middle School Teacher SUES Chicago District For Blatant Anti-White Racism In Classrooms


    A Chicago middle school teacher is suing the Evanston School District for anti-white discrimination and promoting obvious anti-white prejudice to students: Breaking: @SLF_Liberty has filed a discrimination lawsuit against Evanston School District. The school engaged in racial segregation, depicted “whiteness” as a devil, and taught that whites are inherently oppressive. Read more here: 1/6 […] More