WATCH: Fox News Reporter Calls Out Jen Psaki On Her LIE That Republicans Want To ‘Defund The Police’

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Jen Psaki was confronted again today by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy over her ludicrous claim that Republicans supported defunding police since they didn’t vote on the big COVID Democrat spending bill earlier this year.


Doocy was absolutely brilliant with his questioning, asking Psaki to name any Republican who has ever claimed to support police defunding. She refuses to provide details (since there are none), arguing that their unwillingness to support the COVID bill was sufficient proof because “actions speak louder than words” or whatever.

Doocy deftly capitalizes on this point, quoting both McConnell and McCarthy in their unwillingness to support the COVID bill, emphasizing that it had nothing to do with defunding local law enforcement and everything to do with the bill funding a major Democrat agenda under the name of COVID. He also mentioned that all four members of the Squad have publicly advocated for police defunding.

Psaki still can’t name a single Republican who has asked for police defunding, and she hides behind her bad spin that their vote against the bill means they want to starve cops. It’s despicably dishonest and unconvincing, but I suppose that’s what being a Biden Democrat entails.

In related news, here’s what Ted Cruz had to say last night regarding this blatant dishonesty:



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