WATCH: Kamala Harris Tells Cringeworthy Woke Joke About a Marine And Not A Single Person Laughs

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“The Biden humiliation of our Military continues,” said Benny Johnson in his tweet about this clip, that shows Kamala Harris speaking at the Naval Academy graduation.

I promise you they didn’t want her there. Trust me on this: military people don’t like awkward, cringey, pandering, sniveling, woke weasels. And the military who DO like that aren’t liked by their comrades.

I’m telling you.

Anyway watch this disaster. The crowd finally throws poor Kamala a bone after she begs for it with that blood-curdling cackle.

Yeah nothing says tough like windmills.

The message of the joke is even worse than the delivery. Not only does she get the facts wrong (still need a battery, genius, the rolled up solar panel isn’t going to work all by itself), she’s also trying to argue that going flower power will be awesome for the military.

We are doomed, y’all. This will serve for today’s Open Thread, by the way, so have at it!



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