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  • WATCH: Kamala Harris Laughs With Glee When Reporter Asks Her About Americans Stranded In Afghanistan


    When asked about the thousands of Americans stranded in Afghanistan, Vice President Kamala Harris busted out laughing in the face of a reporter. Harris strolled over to a swarm of reporters on the tarmac just before taking off for a trip to Singapore this week. When a reporter started asking her about Americans stranded in […] More

  • WATCH: Kamala Harris Tells Cringeworthy Woke Joke About a Marine And Not A Single Person Laughs


    “The Biden humiliation of our Military continues,” said Benny Johnson in his tweet about this clip, that shows Kamala Harris speaking at the Naval Academy graduation. I promise you they didn’t want her there. Trust me on this: military people don’t like awkward, cringey, pandering, sniveling, woke weasels. And the military who DO like that […] More