WATCH: Woke Schools In Australia Teaching Children That Jesus Was ‘Bi And Non-Binary’

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A mother of three posted a clip on Tik Tok of her kids having a conversation about Jesus while in the car. Just watch:

@emmalinecs An interpretation from an innocent mind… ##asklevi ##fyp ##mumsoftiktok ##momsoftiktok

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Here’s another version of the video:

In case the video doesn’t work for you, here’s how it goes for the most part:

BOY: “I want to talk a bit about God. So everyone in the world loves him, but not me.” … “But I don’t love him because I don’t know a lot about him.”

“We’re up to number one.”


BOY: “Yes, we’re up to number one. So violet, guess what?”

GIRL: “What?”

BOY: “He’s bi and non-binary”

GIRL: “Oh.”

BOY: “I know that.”

MOM: “Uh excu… Did they teach you that at school?”

BOY: “Yes.”

MOM: “Oh they di…that is not true. They do not teach you that at school. Why why would you think Jesus is bi?”

BOY: “We learned it at school.”

MOM: “That’s a lie…”

BOY: “Because he loves everyone in the world.”

MOM: “Ok, and why is he non-binary?”

BOY: “Because he wears a dress and he’s a man.”

MOM: “Sigh…Ok. Any other fun facts about Jesus?”

The mom is clearly exacerbated by this woke garbage being taught to her children. Although it is rather cute to hear them discuss it so innocently.

So chalk this one up as reason one trillion to get your kids out of the marxist public schools, because I’m sure this is coming to a school near you soon (if it’s not already there).



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