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Border Crisis Coverup: Biden Admin Hides Information About Terrorists Captured At Border Then Gives RIDICULOUS Excuse For Why

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The Biden Administration is taking heat after it was discovered that they had concealed public information on terrorists that had been apprehended at the southern border.

Biden has blown it on the border — even the Democrats know it. Now they’re circling the wagons for damage control with a complicit media and Deep State gladly doing their part.

In case you were wondering whether attempts by officials at the Border making it hard for Senators to exercise their legitimate oversight role in film or even getting access to the border was a one-off, wonder no longer.

The same people who have blocked the Press from doing their job, while claiming to be ‘transparent’ are engaged in yet another Cover-Your-Ass enterprise.

Feds have caught people slipping over the border into America. Dangerous people, with known evil intent. That makes Broken-border Biden look like he’s failing to do his job. (Because he is.)

There are two possible responses to that kind of embarrassment. Make changes to improve the job you are doing, or suppress available information about the wrongdoing so you no longer have to feel embarrassed about it.

Three guesses which of these approaches the Biden administration has been taking.

If that were not egregious enough…

Here is a better look at the answer she was given.

Apparently, this government does not believe the American public has any right to know whether the current administration’s policy of being derelict as to their role in securing the border has put the public to whom they are responsible in any danger.

Where are all those pious ‘party before country’ speeches from the Democrats now that THEIR principles are being scrutinized?

Worse still, there is only one reason Biden and company believe they can get away with this.

They have the ironclad certainty that both the media and a loyalist Democrat Administrative State will have their back, slow-walking any FOIA requests uncomfortable for Democrats… just like they always have.

With no fear of accountability, the State is free to put party considerations ahead of more traditional metrics like safety, security, and national interest.

What could possibly go wrong? That parasitic model of media and the state working hand-in-glove served the good citizens of Chernobyl so very well, didn’t it?

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