WATCH: Democrats Open Sham Impeachment Trial By Showing Deceptively Edited Video That Cuts Out “Peacefully” From Trump’s Speech

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The phone trial began today and the Democrats began by introducing their ‘damning evidence’ of Trump’s incitement to violence. Their evidence? A highly edited and deceptive video of Trump’s speech which cut out the most important part, the words “Patriotically and peacefully”.

Democrat impeachment managers played a heavily edited compilation of the events of January 6th.

Throughout the course of the video, they cut out the part of Trump’s speech where he calls on protesters to make their voices heard “peacefully”.

They also strategically splice the video to make it look like Trump incited violence, when he never did. They also jumbled the timeline in such a way that it is completely distorted from reality.

Watch the heavily edited video below:

Here’s the part of the video they left out where Trump calls protesters to be “peaceful”:

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