“That’s The Sh*t I Like To See” — BLM Supporter Celebrates As He Films Cop Shoot White Guy 12 Times [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

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A man celebrated as he filmed a police officer shooting a white suspect a dozen times, proclaiming that he deserved it because of his “white privilege”.

The shooting happened in Montgomery County, Maryland after callers to 911 reported that the driver of a Volkswagen sedan struck multiple vehicles and was driving and acting erratically.

Police say that a Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputy was driving in the area at the time of the call and was the first law enforcement officer to arrive at the scene. The deputy encountered the driver of the Volkswagen in the area of MD-108 and Fieldcrest Road. During this encounter, the driver of the Volkswagen struck the deputy with a long piece of wood in the area of the head and neck. The deputy shot the male multiple times.

The entire incident was captured on cell phone video.


“Shoot his ass!” the man filming implored. Then, after the officer shoots, he celebrates, “that’s the shit I like to see… thought your ass was privileged”.

Based on the video, I really don’t fault the cop for shooting the guy. But are we going to pretend that there wouldn’t be national outrage if the races were reversed?

During the interaction, the deputy radioed for assistance. Additional officers and Fire & Rescue personnel, already en route to the call, arrived and assisted in attempting life-saving measures. The man was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The man is being identified as Kevin Costlow, age 52, of Laytonsville. What caused the man to go on the rampage remains under investigation.

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