Media’s Sickening Smear Of Melania Was Successful — CNN Poll Claims She’s “Most Unpopular First Lady In History”

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The media’s goal of smearing former First Lady Melania Trump apparently worked, if you still believe polling.

According to a CNN survey, Melania Trump has been labeled the least popular first lady in modern American history.

Of course, we all know this is not true and has more to do with how the media smeared and insulted her for four years.

The CNN poll found that only 42% of people polled found favor with the First Lady at the end of her tenure.

Not only was that the lowest approval rating of her time under the title, but according to the outlet, it was the lowest rating among First ladies in the history of the poll.

According to, which published the findings of the CNN survey, Michelle Obama departed the White House with a 69% favorable rating, Laura Bush at a 67% favorable rating, and Hillary Clinton at a 56% favorable rating.

Compared to those numbers, Melania’s measly 42% meant she practically left the White House in disgrace.

Does anyone honestly believe Hillary Clinton was a more popular First Lady than Melania Trump?

No way.

But the real story is that Melania received the worst media treatment in modern American history.

As Fox News Contributor Joe Concha said, Melania was “treated the worst of any first lady we’ve seen in the modern era.” Here are just a few examples showing how the media defamed Melania for four years.

As noted by Fox News:

During an appearance on “America’s Newsroom,” anchor Trace Gallagher showed Concha a clip of “The View” co-host Joy Behar claiming that the liberal show was “respectful” to Melania after years of criticizing her every move.

Concha, who appeared shocked by Behar’s comment, noted that the liberal “View” co-host recently told CNN that “Melania Trump’s parents now enjoying chain migration, why wouldn’t she go along with it? She was in Slovenia doing nothing, I don’t know what she was doing… OK, she was a model now she’s first lady.”

Concha then unearthed a Washington Post story headlined, “People are making bets on whether Melania Trump will divorce Donald Trump,” before reading a section of the story that was critical of the first lady.

“That’s all you have to know about the treatment of Melania Trump, treated the worst of any first lady we’ve seen in the modern era,” Concha said.

The media’s attacks on Melania Trump’s accent constituted the pettiest of her poor treatment.

The media has mocked Melania’s outfits, her appearance, accent, and just about everything else for four years simply because of who she was married to.

And, the cherry on top, they also want us to believe that Michelle Obama is the most popular first lady of all-time.

This is why so many Americans loathe the mainstream media and do not trust polls.

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