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  • Media’s Sickening Smear Of Melania Was Successful — CNN Poll Claims She’s “Most Unpopular First Lady In History”


    The media’s goal of smearing former First Lady Melania Trump apparently worked, if you still believe polling. According to a CNN survey, Melania Trump has been labeled the least popular first lady in modern American history. Of course, we all know this is not true and has more to do with how the media smeared […] More

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  • 84% Of Blue Collar Whites Don’t Think Government Represents Them

    A Kaiser Family Foundation/CNN poll finds 84 percent of white working class voters say that the government in Washington, D.C. doesn’t represent the views of people like them—and 74 percent of whites with a four-year college degree say they agree. Significant numbers of working class whites feel left behind. Nearly half, or 47 percent, of […] More

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