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Military Experts Worry Biden Defense Cuts Leave America Open To AI Attack Drones

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Form day one, President Joe Biden has sought to undue every effort former President Donald Trump achieved. One of those achievements was reestablishing America’s military strength after being severely depleted during the Obama years.

Conservative voices warned Biden would seek to strip our military back to its former Obama weakness, and he shows signs of doing just that in haste. Military experts now predict that Liberal policies on defense spending and military advancement will leave America vulnerable to the future landscape of war, AI controlled drone attacks.

Military experts predict the future of warfare will include artificially intelligent attack drone swarms that are too massive and too fast for humans to combat or control.

General John Murray, who leads U.S. Army Futures Command, said if faced with an incoming attack from a drone swarm, a person may need to decide initially how to respond, but drones would likely need to take it from there.

“When you are defending against a drone swarm, a human may be required to make that first decision,” Murray said, “but I am just not sure any human can keep up.”

Once the drone battle is on, drones would be making the decisions. Such swarms could contain thousands or millions of drones.

“If you have to transmit an image of the target, let the human look at it, and wait for the human to hit the ‘fire’ button, that is an eternity at machine speed, one anonymous scientist and defense expert told Forbes magazine. “If we slow the AI to human speed …we’re going to lose.”


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