LEAKED AUDIO Reveals Facebook Secretly Working On Putting Chips In Our Brains

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Let me begin by saying that I don’t believe Facebook will forcibly shove microchips in our brains, at least for now. That doesn’t make the leaked audio from Facebook any less disturbing. As technology advances at an ever rapid pace, many critics worry that we will have little to no protection from mega tech companies that heavily manipulate they ways we interact and experience everyday life.

So when Facebook drops the veil and exposes their secret plans to develop technology that directly links to your brain and nervous system…well its not a far stretch to fear the worst, especially in light of how vehemently they have censored anyone that opposes their sociopolitical world view.

New information about Facebook’s effort to develop brain-reading technology came to light last month after a recording from a company meeting was leaked to the press.

Speaking with Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other top executives of the social media giant, Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer previewed a sensor device that he said can read “neural signals coming from my brain, down my spinal cord along my arm, to my wrist.”

He added that “this sensor that we are building detects [neural signals], interprets them, and allows me to control [the] device.” This includes, for instance, typing or playing video games with mental commands.

Schroepfer’s revelations are the latest from the Big Tech company’s secretive, years-long quest to put out a neural device. The project began with plans for a “brain mouse” that would allow users to type with their minds, as the director of Facebook’s now-defunct research lab, Building 8, announced in 2017.

Since then, Facebook has purchased neural interface startup CTRL-Labs, the developer of an experimental wristband that purports to give users the ability to operate computers by thinking.


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