China Reminds Biden They Scratched His Back, So Be Ready To Return The Favor

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It’s no secret that China lined the pockets of the Biden family in order to gain easier access to former President Barack Obama. Such favors among the elite are often coveted power plays, sometimes more valuable than money itself. Likewise, the powerful are unlikely to forget when a favor is owed.

As Biden continues to claim he will be the next President of the United States, China has been reminding Joe that he’s in debt a few favors. A lobbying firm co-founded by Joe Biden’s incoming White House counselor registered earlier this year to lobby for a tech company seeking to improve trade relations with China.

This comes as no surprise since President Trump continually held China accountable and brought industry back to American soil. Biden will be a nice reprieve for the power-hungry Communist country that has suffered from four years of a President with a backbone.

This is likely to remain a hot-button issue in the Biden administration.

Applied Materials, a California-based semiconductor materials manufacturer, hired Ricchetti Incorporated in August to lobby Congress on China-related matters, according to lobbying disclosure reports filed with Congress.

Steve Ricchetti, the Biden adviser, and his brother, Jeff Ricchetti, founded Ricchetti Inc. in 2001.


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