South Australian Police Enforce COMPLETE LOCKDOWN – Walking Outside STRICTLY Forbidden!

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South Australia has gone into a complete lockdown as fears of a second outbreak of coronavirus loom. The South Australia Police said Wednesday that residents were no longer permitted to leave the house, not even to walk the dog or to exercise.

The State’s newest coronavirus restrictions include a government-mandated six-day lockdown beginning midnight Wednesday. With such ridiculous and stifling restrictions, one may believe that South Australia had seen some massive outbreak.

Not the case.

Authorities went into full lockdown after ONLY 22 confirmed cases were reported, according to the Guardian.

Not thousands of cases, not hundreds of cases. Just 22.

Premier Steven Marshall said that South Australia needed a “circuit breaker” allowing for contract tracing, the Guardian reported.

“Our concern is that if we don’t have this circuit breaker … we will not stay ahead of this,” Marshall said Wednesday, the publication reported. “There is no second chance to stop a second wave. We are at a critical point but we will get through this.”

Among the list of forbidden activities are funerals, weddings, outdoor activities such as exercise, and regional travel. The lockdown also closes schools except for essential workers and vulnerable children, according to the Guardian.

Don’t be surprised to see Democrats push for strict authoritarian style shutdowns once January rolls around.

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