WATCH: MASSIVE Crowd Of Over 30,000 Latinos Proudly Show Their Support For The President During Latinos For Trump Parade In Miami

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A massive crowd of Latinos showed their support for the President over the weekend and it’s a beautiful sight to see.

Miami police estimated that there were approximately 30,000 vehicles that participated in a vehicle parade, comprised of  Latinos in south Florida,  and showed their support for President Donald J. Trump.  Many of the participants migrated to the US from Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

They (the migrants), of all people, know what socialism looks like.  They lived it firsthand.  They felt the impact of communist rule. They understand the lifelong damage that these types of governmental atrocities bring.  For many, it was the reason they left their home countries for a better life in the United States. 

Now they find themselves just slightly more than 3 weeks away from a presidential election.  Socialism is on the ballot, in the form of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the “progressive” liberal ideology they want to force down the throats of the American people. 

“We lost our homeland, we don’t want to lose America.”

You will not see this in the mainstream media. 

“The media won’t talk about it, but there are THOUSANDS of Miami residents out in a car parade right now for @realDonaldTrump!! Cuban Americans will KEEP FLORIDA RED, help re-elect TRUMP, AND KEEP REPUBLICAN MAJORITIES TO SAVE AMERICA”

Also absent form the media, was another parade of Cuban Americans that were supporting Trump that drew over 4,000 cars last month. 

This is all in stark contrast to a similar parade held in September for Biden.  It failed to reach the 30,000 vehicle mark.  It made it all the way to 13 cars, according to the Gateway Pundit.

‘But for Biden’s caravan, which literally had between 12 to 13 cars, the media – all the news stations—aired comprehensive reports on the entire event, featuring interviews with all of the attendees and it looked like, you know, it’s absolutely amazing,’ Ariel Martinez said. ‘The media bias ties back to why I started Cubans For Trump in the first place.

The turnout for either event speaks absolute volumes. The fact is, Cubans are very clearly versed on what the beginnings of socialism and Marxism look like when they start to infiltrate a country despite how cute and cuddly the media tries to present it to be.  We see creepy uncle Joe as a puppet for the very extreme left, who sees nothing wrong with embracing the vicious murderers running communist horror shows and he represents an extreme threat to the freedoms of this country.’”

All this looms large when you look at the support that Joe Biden appears to be getting from some of these same communities. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of participation.

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