Biden Shakes Maskless Supporters’ Hands But Can’t Debate Trump From 10 Feet Away

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Joe Biden arrived at the Cincinnati Museum Center Monday evening and was greeted by a crowd of Trump supporters.

Barely anyone showed up to Sleepy Joe’s low-energy Cincinnati event!

Biden put people to sleep as he took the stage.


Biden then bolted from the stage and walked toward other people without a face mask!


Biden had a bad day in Ohio.

Joe Biden’s drive-in rally earlier in Toledo was a total disaster.

Trump supporters drown out Biden’s Toledo speech with chants of “four more years!”

Biden also forgot he’s running for president and told Toledo voters he’s running for the senate.

Meanwhile, President Trump is holding a massive MAGA rally in Sanford, Florida with more than 120,000 people watching RSBN’s live feed!

Via GatewayPundit

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