Biden’s Post Debate Strategy: Take No Stance, Make No Promise, Lose Train Of Thought

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Have you ever been to a dog park and there is that one person, with the brand new untrained puppy, that had the bright idea to let the sucker loose among the crowd? Biden certainly is that puppy and Democrats are the idiots who let him loose without a collar.

A distinct difference in character and temperament were on display during the first debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Though many on both sides voiced disappointment on how the debate went, one thing was made abundantly clear; all of Joe Biden’s cards are on the table and he’s short a hand.

In the video above we can review several moments where Biden flat out refused to take a stance or give a direct answer. Although not an entirely foreign tactic to the realm of politics or political debates, the sheer amount of times that Biden has dodged questions and reports makes the use of it all the more poignant. It’s his only tactic remaining and it’s a loosing strategy.

Democrats tried impeachment. Failed. Tried to say Russians hacked the election. Backfired. Trump’s taxes remain dead on arrival. Invoking and encouraging civil unrest and violent riots has only bolstered support for another Trump Presidency.

Biden is like a sad sequel to “A Weekend at Bernie’s”. Sorry Liberals, “Momala” Harris isn’t going to be able to get her little boy in office and direct from the sidelines.

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