WATCH: Trump POWERFULLY Addresses America From Walter Reed, Democrats Left Looking More Foolish Than Ever!

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President Trump powerfully addressed the American people from the Walter Reed Medical Center on Saturday, where he is being treated for Covid-19.

The president appeared to be himself and in good spirits. In fact, he had no trouble breathing or any of the complications that CNN’s Acosta tried to sell everyone on all day. Trump specifically attributed the use of ‘therapeutics’ to his quick recovery, a hot topic in the media who would like you to believe there is no cure…unless Biden wins the election.

He says he’ll be back soon. He said he’s appreciative of all the support and positive comments. “It’s a beautiful thing to see and I very much appreciate it, and I won’t forget it. I promise you that.”

Trump explained he had to be “out front” and couldn’t be locked up in the White House hiding out from the dangers of the pandemic indefinitely. “We have to confront problems,” he said.

Once word spread of President Donald Trump’s diagnoses and need for treatment media outlets and politicians were quick to say this made Trump a hypocrite. If anything, I see this playing out to confirm what he’s been saying all along – the virus is not as deadly as liberals want you to believe, that there are very effective treatments available right now and that the country can quickly rebound once we stop believing the nonsense that Democrats keep spewing.

Let’s continue to pray that President Trump and the First Lady continue to have a speedy recovery.

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