BLM Activist Teaches Tenets Of Critical Race Theory – ‘All White People Are Racist’ Now Give Me Your Money

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The most effective way to combat racial discrimination is to continually remind white people that they are inhuman demons who are beyond redemption.

That’s critical race theory 101 folks.

Or as BLM activist Ashleigh Shackleford so distinctly put it all white people are born inhuman, taught to be demons, please paypal me.


I’m really not shocked or bothered that a BLM activist would peddle this racist garbage. Good for them, enjoy your first amendment rights.

What does bother me, and sicken me a bit, is that a room full of white people PAID to hear this garbage and not one of them objected. No one raised their hand. No one left the room.


Mark my words, if this hasn’t already hit public school education by now, it soon will.

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