SO FUNNY: Man Defecates On Pelosi’s Driveway – Live-streams The Whole Thing!

San Francisco has been noted in recent years for its rampant homelessness and streets flowing with garbage and human waste.

It’s not an uncommon sight to see feces on sidewalks and doorways.

Truly sad. A horrible reminder of what happens when power-hungry Democrats are allowed to run and ruin a city.

And for years Nancy Pelosi has been criticized for living in luxury while the streets of San Francisco lay in squaller.

Well, one man had had enough and decided to literally bring the issue to Pelosi’s door step…well, actually her driveway!

The man defecated on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s driveway in San Francisco on Saturday and he live-streamed it!

While I would normally frown on such crude behavior, Nancy Pelosi actually deserved this.

People actually took to making donations to the heroic karma-bringer!

There is hope.

What do you think?

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