NOT AGAIN, JOE! Biden Gets Busted Using A Teleprompter For Softball Q&A Session…OOPS!

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By now we’ve all seen this wonderful clip of Biden’s spox losing his cheddar after being questioned about Biden’s obvious use of teleprompters on a very regular basis.

A new clip, however, makes it apparently clear the poor old man just can’t operate without it.


I mean he literally tells his assistant to move the prompter closer, sighs, and then reads the dang thing!

Here is another clip in which he is reading the instruction line on the teleprompter “end of quote.”

So where is the media asking why is he using a teleprompter to answer interview questions? And is he not only getting help answering the questions, is he also being given the questions in advance?

All we can do now is pray that God blesses us with a very entertaining Presidential debate between the King of Troll, President Donald J. Trump and Old Sleepy Joe.

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