Adam Schiff Sends Letters To CEOs Of Google, YouTube and Twitter DEMANDING They Limit Free Speech And SILENCE Opposition

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The cowards on the Left have a serious issue with our First Amendment. To Them it’s not a freedom but a threat.

On Thursday Rep. Adam Schiff, the most dishonest and compulsive liar in Congress, sent a letter to the CEOs of Google, YouTube and Twitter to urge them to use their “authoritative” powers to censor and silence voices during the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week YouTube CEO told CNN the company would silence anyone who strayed from official WHO policy.
Google is cool with that.
In fact, the company is very proud of her censorship.

Remember this in November. Democrats support this and want MORE censorship and silencing.

Schiff sent these letters off to Google, YouTube and Twitter.

Twitter and Google can start by silencing Adam Schiff.

Here’s a good reminder of Schiff’s lies in the House Impeachment Hearing.

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