Insane Rashida Tlaib Attacks Michigan’s Armed Protesters — Says If They Were Black The Police Would Execute Them

Several hundred protesters stormed the capitol in Lansing, MI on Thursday to protest the Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s policy to extend the lockdown. Many of them happened to be armed and this sent the looney-left into a frenzy.

The protesters were carrying guns but were not wearing masks.

And they didn’t appear to follow the governor’s social distancing orders either.

Following the protest Detroit Democrat Rashida Tlaib lashed out at police? Because, why not?

“Black people get executed by police for just existing, while white people dressed like militia members carrying assault weapons are allowed to threaten State Legislators and staff.
📣Our gun laws are so broken.”

Rashida also tweeted this out.

It almost seems that she WANTS the protesters to be shot by police.

What do you think?

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