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So How Well Did The Wondrous, Magical, Scandal-Free Obama Administration Handle Their Virus Crisis?

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Media talking heads such as CNN’s Brian Stelter have been busy explaining to America how the President is crazy because he doesn’t want to do the press briefings that networks like CNN don’t even bother to cover, and don’t even want him to do until he doesn’t and then of course they want him to have the pressers or else he’s the worst President ever and his mental state should be examined – seriously

If you have caught the act of Stelter and his ilk doing their best Grima Wormtongue impersonation while substituting America for King Theodon and you have managed to stop short of throwing something at your television screen then you are to be commended for your patience and you should be nominated for sainthood

Alleged photo of Brian Stelter advising a very tired Joe Biden

But what’s even worse than listening to the likes of Cooper, Acosta, Maddow, etc is the fact that the media feels the need to drag former Obama administration members in front of microphones once more so that they might gleefully inform us how horrible President Trump’s administration has performed during this epedemic and how much better the Obama admin would have handled things.

As we all know, the Obama administration never suffered from a lack of media whores. One such media who… ummm former Obama official is Ron Klain, the Ebola Czar of the Obama administration, also known as the “Ebola Response Coordinator for the Executive Office of the President” – fortunately that’s not a pretentious title at all but nowadays Klain is just another liberal talking head gracing any show on any network that will allow him to dazzle America with his brilliance.

This Klain guy is big on grading the Trump administration’s response to the current pandemic (Spoiler Alert, he doesn’t give them an “A”). Klain was interviewed by “CNBC” recently and in an article based upon that interview headlined “Obama’s Ebola czar gives the Trump administration an ‘F’ on its coronavirus response” Klain basically dismissed every action taken by the Trump administration as “inadequate” and the former Obama aide and Clinton campaign staff member (well heck, no bias there then) also yammered on about “squandering time”

Before liberals give each other a lot of medals and sundry other awards for what they consider the “A” team’s response to viruses, it bears looking at exactly how well the stable genius Barrack Obama handled a virus emergency during his reign err tenure. While much is made (and rightfully so) of Team Obama’s failings during the Swine Flu epidemic, less scrutiny is given to history of the Obama regime’s response to a the Ebola virus which was (potentially) far deadlier

The media darling Klain (also a contributor for the Washington Post – if that tells you anything) is the go to expert on viruses and the governments reaction to them based upon his stellar performance as part of the Obama administration. But was that stellar performance all that stellar?

Not so much it seems, in an article recorded in the archives of “Human Events” the performance of team Obama received some rather mediocre (to be generous) reviews.

After soliciting prayers for the full recovery of two nurses infected with the Ebola virus the article goes on to state that

Such a happy ending would not excuse the government’s spectacular ineptitude in the face of the first Ebola contact on American soil.  For the past couple of weeks, government elites and their media courtiers have been sneering at the American public for supposedly over-reacting to the Ebola threat.  There has, unsurprisingly, been a bit of hysteria here and there – human nature remains unchanged – but it’s nothing like the cyclone of hysteria portrayed in certain media outlets.  What most people are concerned about is the fumbling, stumbling response of the authorities, especially the ultimate authorities in Washington, although there’s also been some head-shaking about whatever went on at Texas Presbyterian Hospital.

Well that can’t be right! Why would the media be asking Obama administration officials to grade this administrations actions when the actions of the previous administration weren’t exactly regarded as sufficient to the crisis at the time? In fact, the Human Events article goes on to explain that the average American (the one that left wingers constantly sneer at) were asking questions about

….how the response could have been so confused, how the huge federal agencies charged with responding to such a crisis could have gotten everything wrong, how they could spew talking points about “abundance of caution” while making ridiculously careless mistakes, such as allowing health care workers exposed to the deadly disease hop on airplanes and cruise ships without going through prudent isolation and observation periods.

An article appearing in “The Hill” was also less that effusive in it’s rating of the Obama admin’s handling of the crisis reporting that

Obama did not name a czar to lead the government’s response, nor did he institute travel bans from the West African countries where the Ebola outbreak is pervasive, as some Republicans have suggested.

The article by Justin Sink also pointed out

That left many questioning why the CDC hadn’t already had strike teams in place, given that Ebola had surfaced months earlier — and again underscored perceptions the administration appeared reactive rather than proactive. 

Wait, what!? Months?!?! Can this be the same administration that is now pointing fingers and talking about squandered time and missed opportunities? That seems odd. Perhaps Klain is held in such high regard by the left because a zillion people didn’t die of Ebola. But was that a result of Klain’s efforts not to squander any time? Ummm, probably not. In fact Klain upon his appointment as Ebola Czar took five days to actually report to his position (no time squandered there!)

Remember, Klain was a lawyer and a political operative which unfortunately is often the same thing these days. He wasn’t some TV Doctor rolling up his sleeves and stepping into the fray. In fact the “fray” that the Obama administration faced was far from new. According to the CDC, in regards to Ebola outbreaks

Since 1976, 26 outbreaks of Ebola virus has occurred in ten countries of Africa, including Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Gabon, Cote d’Ivoire, South Africa, Uganda. Congo, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia; one of America, United States of America and one of Europe, Spain.

Not exactly uncharted territory then, but you would never know that to hear Klain speak. The Obama administration was handling a known problem that had occurred over twenty times prior to the outbreak that Obama and Klain were asked to deal with and they (the Obama administration) were still highly criticized for what was perceived as a lackadaisical response to the virus.

The appointment of Klain was covered by “Fox News” who did a story on his selection by the Obama administration in which the news network questioned Ed Royce, a Republican who was then chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Speaking of Klain’s appointment Royce stated that

“Given the mounting failings in the Obama administration’s response to the Ebola outbreak, it is right that the president has sought to task a single individual to coordinate its response, “said Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “But I have to ask why the president didn’t pick an individual with a noteworthy infectious disease or public health background?”

Your kidding, no public health background!? That seems to have become an “essential” nowadays, well as long as said public health background official espouses a liberal political ideology.

In fact, the appointment of Pence has received a great deal of disapproval from the liberal media, much of it because Pence is not a Doctor or a Scientist (or a lawyer/political activist either). Granted, most of the liberal media disapproved of Pence being in charge of the virus because the Vice President opposed abortion, which everyone knows precludes you from heading up a task force (sarcasm intended). Of course it doesn’t help that Pence prays and believes in God and we all know how that unhinges even the most hinged of liberals

The “Fox News” story alsdo threw in this little tidbit on Klain

Klain, a longtime political hand, served as chief of staff to Al Gore and Vice President Joe Biden but has no apparent medical or health care background.

For those of you keeping score at home that is:

  • Obama administration appointee (Strike 1)
  • Al Gore Chief of Staff (Strike 2)
  • Member of Hillary Clinton campaign staff (Strike 3)
  • Okay, there isn’t such a thing as a Strike 4 but Chief of Staff to Vice President Joe Biden should get you ejected from the game!!

You have to wonder where exactly Klain’s loyalties lie (kidding).

When it comes to evaluating the Obama administration’s response to the outbreak of the Ebola virus, even the “Washington Post” weighed in at the time regarding the poor performance of the administration. In an article entitled “Ebola and Obama’s crisis of competence” Mark A. Theissen remarked

Many Americans were shocked to learn that when Ebola-infected doctor Craig Spencer returned to New York City from Guinea, took a three-mile run, visited a coffee stand, ate at a meatball restaurant, traveled on three New York subway lines, met friends at a Brooklyn bowling alley and used an Uber sedan to return home, he was not violating the U.S. government’s Ebola protocols.

Well heck, that was the response from an administration that is slamming the current one as being slow and unresponsive.

It is important to remember that we live in an age where the Internet can be utilized to say whatever you want it to say, and no one was ever better at rewriting history than the Obama administration. This is a lesson that the liberal political machine has learned quite well and still practices today, which explains how a political operative like Klain is now perceived as a modern day Madam Currie

The “Human Events” article summed it up best

Bottom line: even if this first Ebola drama reaches the happiest possible ending, a huge amount of consternation could have been avoided by taking steps the average person would probably have scribbled on a notepad, if asked to prepare a list of 10 Things the Government Should Do After An Ebola Exposure.

It is important to remember that stumping on all of the news shows (as Klain is doing now) doesn’t make you a pandemic expert, if it did then America (God forbid) would be asking Gretchen Whitmer her advice. Klain is a lawyer and a political operative, both things qualify him as an entrenched swamp monster, but hardly qualify him as the savior of mankind (sorry, jobs taken)

Written by Patrick M. Arnold

Retired from the United States Army where he proudly served the country he loves. Still carrying on the fight against All of America’s enemies. Disgusted with the state of politics in our country and committed to changing us back to something recognizable as America. Find him on Twitter as @PatrickArnold77

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