CNN Turns On Their Own When Dana Bash PRAISES Trump For Being ‘Kind Of Leader That People Need’

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Pigs are definitely flying over at CNN.

As my colleague Alex Parker reported on Tuesday, CNN’s Dana Bash praised President Donald Trump for his work in fighting the Wuhan virus, something one might have thought unheard of, given their constant Trump-bashing. Bash said Trump was impressive in his response and she said he was the “kind of leader that people need” at this time.

Naturally, the backlash was swift, with folks on the left freaking out that Bash dared to recognize all that Trump was doing to fight the pandemic.

From Daily Wire:

“I am going to lose my mind,” posted Erick Fernandez, formerly of HuffPost. “Just this morning he was attacking state governors on Twitter. What on earth is wrong with you, [Dana Bash]? I feel like I’m in the twilight zone and he’s getting celebrated for not doing his usual mudslinging. But he’s still doing it on Twitter!”

“Here is the clip of [Dana Bash] praising Trump because he’s now screaming at reporters and going on absolute tantrums like he normally does. I feel like I’m living on another planet,” Fernandez added.

Now, normally this would be the point at which the the person on the left who dared to say anything positive about Trump would be forced to backdown and apologize.

But Bash basically stuck to her guns, even telling Fernandez on what he should be focused.

“As I said in the clip you posted below, this is a moment to be non-partisan, American and human,” the CNN anchor said.

And “the TONE the president set at today & yesterday’s PRESSERS were remarkably different and welcomed,” she continued. “That’s a fact.”

“Let’s all take a breath and remember we are all in this together,” Bash added.

Good for Bash and good for sticking by her guns in being honest about Trump’s response, especially when so many Democrats and folks in media are not being honest and are trying to politicize it. Good for her for also implicitly making that point to Fernandez as he continues to do that very thing.

Trump has been doing everything he can to provide information and leadership. He has been since January.

It’s nice to finally see it being noticed, if even a little bit, by CNN.

Via RedState

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