BREAKING: Trump Updates Nation On Border Closings And Outbreak Relief Efforts

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Trump sought to comfort people this morning who are out of work because of the coronavirus containment policies states are putting forward, saying “money will be coming to you soon!”

In terms of this money, Fox News reports this morning that the stimulus package has reached a price tag of nearly a trillion dollars and listed the big-ticket items in the stimulus:

  • $50 billion for the airline industry
  • $250 billion or more in small business loans
  • $250 billion or more in direct checks

The stimulus is still being negotiated, however, McConnell believes he’ll be getting it done very soon.

Trump also put out a few more tweets this morning, defending himself and ripping into the media in one:

He also announced a news conference about “very important news” with regard to the coronavirus:

And lastly, Trump just weighed in on the Democratic primaries for president…

UPDATE: Trump has just announced that the US will be temporarily closing the Canadian border over coronavirus:


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