BREAKING: Border Agents Attacked By Gunman Firing From Mexico

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Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents report being fired on by a gunman on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande on Sunday.

A February 20 statement provided to Breitbart News by Laredo Sector Border Patrol stated:

Sunday, U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Laredo Sector were fired upon by unidentified individuals while on patrol near the Rio Grande river bank. While patrolling the river bank, agents observed a group of individuals across the river on the banks of Mexico, and were able to determine that one of them was carrying what appeared to be a long firearm.

Shortly after, the agents were fired upon and took cover. None of the agents were injured.

This section of the Texas-Mexico border has no physical barrier.

Officials stated that the FBI will join with CBP investigators and local authorities to investigate the shooting.

Via Breitbart

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