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  • BREAKING: Border Agents Attacked By Gunman Firing From Mexico


    Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents report being fired on by a gunman on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande on Sunday. A February 20 statement provided to Breitbart News by Laredo Sector Border Patrol stated: Sunday, U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Laredo Sector were fired upon by unidentified individuals while on patrol […] More

  • Police Discover Arsenal Of Guns In Texas Hotel Room Hours Before New Year’s Celebration

    HOUSTON, Texas — Houston police found a “small arsenal” of guns in a top-floor hotel room just hours before a scheduled New Year’s Eve celebration. The hotel is an open-atrium design that could allow a shooter to fire upon the celebrating crowd. UPDATE 3:00 p.m.: Houston police concluded their interview with the suspect and concluded they […] More