Sean Hannity: Deep State Has A ‘Bombshell’ Waiting For Trump In Mueller’s Report

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Fox News host Sean Hannity said he doesn’t believe the news about Robert Mueller’s report being “anti-climatic” and expects it to be a political bombshell.

“They’re not looking into Hillary Clinton, her phony Russian dossier that she paid for. Their focus is singularly on President Trump and everyone around him,” Hannity said Monday.

He then played a clip of ABC’s Jonathan Karl downplaying the impact of Mueller’s upcoming report.

“Honestly, I don’t trust what you just heard,” Hannity replied.

“Given the overwhelming partisan makeup of Mueller’s team and their behavior throughout this process, consisting of high powered Democratic donors and attorneys — mark my words, they have and will continue to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump.”

Hannity said the Democrats have been trying to destroy the Trump presidency since he was elected and told his viewers not to underestimate government bureaucrats who stand against the president.

“They’ve been doing it now for two years and they did it before the election,” he continued.

“Here’s the problem, this is what should concern every American tonight — If these deep state actors succeed, forget about [a] free and a fair justice system, it’s done … Might as well take the Constitution as we know it and shred it, because that’s over forever.

“Never forget the hate Trump Democrats, hate Trump media, they have been tied at the hip the whole time — Reporting innuendo, lies, conspiracies daily. Just like last week, we saw the talking point of the Democratic Party regurgitated by their friends in the media. A manufactured crisis at the border. No, people getting killed and drugs crossing our border, that’s real.”

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