After Completely Exposing Pelosi’s Hypocrisy On Immigration, The ‘Tolerant’ Left Are Calling For POLICE ASSAULT On Laura Loomer!

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Let me start here by saying I’m a Laura Loomer skeptic.

Beyond the fact that she’s further to the right that I care to go, I don’t think that her stunts — such as chaining herself to Twitter headquarters to protest her ban from the platform or interrupting Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey at a congressional hearing before that — lend anycredibility to conservative causes.

While I don’t think she should have been banned from Twitter, I also think that her incessant self-promotion and dubious sourcing don’t lend her any credibility.

However, I don’t want to see Laura Loomer tased for one of her stunts. That’s where Montel Williams and I apparently differ.

So, in case you don’t follow Loomer, she’s a well-known provocateur on the right who likes to record herself in spectacles that attempt to expose the fallacies of liberalism. In this case, I must give her some credit for originality: She recorded herself and a group of what she said were illegal aliens jumping the fence at Nancy Pelosi’s Napa Valley estate. reported that Loomer was accompanied by “two Mexican nationals and one Guatemalan national whom she described as her ‘new amigos’. Loomer said she’d met the three men during a recent trip to the Mexican border where, she said brightly, there was no border and it was easy to cross over into the U.S. The film crew described the men as ‘illegal aliens.’”

After they climbed the wall, Loomer said, “I’m an American dreamer and I can’t live freely anywhere because I’m being banned everywhere.”

However, since Nancy Pelosi is so welcoming, she said that “everyone is welcome here.” Loomer and her companions then set about putting up a canopy for a sanctuary inside Pelosi’s estate.

Legal? Not particularly, but neither are border crossings and Democrats seem to be fine with them. However, while I’m sure Montel wouldn’t institute a policy of tasing everyone who crossed the border illegally, he certainly seemed fine with it happening to Loomer.

“RT if you think Napa police should tase Laura Loomer…I’m tired of this child,” Montel wrote on Twitter.

He deleted it, but of course it was screenshotted.

Others weren’t terribly impressed with the liberal tolerance.

“Montel- The Internet is forever! Is that what we do with those we disagree with- we taser them??? Really?#FreeSpeech,” @LilLubbie wrote.

“When they trespass on private property and refuse to comply, yes,” he responded.

That, of course, wasn’t part of the original tweet.

In fact, the New York Post reported that Loomer and her crew were escorted off of the property without incident. But that wasn’t the point — Williams called for her to be hit with a Taser preemptively.

Williams, who left the Republican Party in the early 1990s and identifies as an independent, has tended toward the left since then. As The Hill reported a decade ago, he hosted a show on the liberal Air America Network during its dying days.

Hence, one can see him tending more toward the left side of the aisle. You know, the tolerant side — the one that thinks any action taken against those who illegally cross our border is horrifying but using electric shocks to stun someone you don’t agree with is perfectly fine.

Tolerance is being rewritten in a major way, apparently. Just ask the folks with antifa.

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