Trump Just GRILLED Nancy Pelosi Over Why She, Of All People, Would Still Get a Paycheck During the Shutdown

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President Donald Trump questioned why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would receive a paycheck from the government after many federal workers missed their first paycheck Friday.

From Daily Caller:

“Why is Nancy Pelosi getting paid when people who are working are not?” Trump tweeted on Tuesday.

Pelosi makes $223,500 a year as house speaker and did not respond to questions about whether she was accepting pay during the partial government shutdown, according to a Washington Post story Jan. 7.

More than 70 members of Congress from both parties have said they will refuse or donate their pay during the shutdown. Those members include Republican Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw and Democratic Virginia Rep. Virginia Wexton, both freshmen, according to Fox Business.

Congressional leaders besides Pelosi also dodged questions about taking pay during the shutdown. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and House Minority Whip Steve Scalise did not reveal their plans to accept or refuse pay during the partial government shutdown as of Jan. 7, according to WaPo. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy will refuse pay during the shutdown, reported NBC News Friday.



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