CNN Was CAUGHT Reporting FAKE NEWS About Illegal Alien Child Separation

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CNN is getting sloppier at hiding its fake news reporting. Despite insisting that facts come first and apples aren’t bananas, the cable news network has consistently pushed an array of demonstrably false reporting in its unholy jihad to take down President Trump.

This week, CNN took its fiction programming to a whole new level by blatantly misrepresenting what an illegal alien mother said of the child separation policy that has been on the books since 1997 but for some reason has been blamed on President Trump, who took office a full two decades later.

When asked how her child is doing, the mother clearly states, “Dice que está muy bien,” or, “He says he’s doing very well,” at which point the voice of a CNN translator overwhelms the audio and instead translates her remarks as, “‘He says he wants me to be with him,’ she says, ‘and prays to God to make the days shorter so we can be together.’”

Now perhaps the woman said something to that effect while the narrator drowned out her voice; it’s impossible to say. All we know for certain is that she said, “He says he’s doing very well,” and CNN refused to faithfully translate her remarks.

Get a glimpse of fake news at its finest here:

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